How To Use The Jaw Toner

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This is how you can best utilize your Jaw Toner for maximum performance.

How To Set Up The Jaw Toner 2.0

The Jaw Toner is equipped with two (2) silicone strips, one for the top teeth and another for the bottom. 2 extra strips are also included incase the other silicon strips break due to long usage. These strips are designed to accommodate your teeth comfortably, ensuring a secure fit without the need for moulding.

Step 1: Take a photo of your face from the front and side before using the Jaw Toner to track your progress. Send us your results, we'd love to hear your story!
Step 2: Connect the chain included with your Jaw Toner through the middle of the exerciser and place around your neck if desired.

Step 3: Place the Jaw Toner in your mouth with the round side pointing outwards.

If you cannot properly fit the Jaw Toner into your mouth, first squeeze the Jaw Toner together with your fingers and then place in your mouth. They are large in order to provide a full range of motion for your facial muscles.

Rest your lips around the Jaw Toner and try to bite down directly vertically opposed to having the Jaw Toner protruding out of your mouth. This should put less stress on your teeth and activate the facial muscles better.

Play around with it and find your most comfortable bite that puts the least stress on your teeth. Bite down hard on the transparent silicon strips to establish your bite.

Step 4: You're done! It's really that easy to set up. Pop it in your mouth to start training and wear the chain around your neck for easy access when running, working out, or for use around the house.

My strips are falling out?: The strips should stay securely in the device while you are biting. If the strips are falling out of the device, make sure you are biting within the groove of the strip, this is usually the issue. To pop the strips back in, use your thumb and pop one side in at a time. If problems persist, hold the Jaw Toner by the chain and lower it into boiling water for 30 seconds with the strips inserted correctly. Remove from boiling water carefully and push the strips further into the Jaw Toner. This should secure the strips further.

Refer below for more training tips


Jaw Toner 1.0

BLUE | Beginner - 30 pounds (13kg)

PURPLE | Intermediate - 40 pounds (18kg)

BLACK | Advanced - 50 pounds (22kg)


Jaw Toner 2.0

Resistances Are Displayed On The Round Side Of Device

Jaw Toner Blue | Starter - 30 pounds (13kg)

Purple | Intermediate | - 40 pounds (18kg)

Dark Purple | Advanced - 50 pounds (22kg)

White | Titan - 60 pounds (27kg)

How To Use The Jaw Toner To Build Facial Muscle 

Bite down on the device with the flat side orientated inside your mouth and try to get the hole in the middle to fully close with each rep. Remember to bite down more vertically to put minimal stress on your teeth. For the perfect rep, bite down with force and then slowly release your bite, feeling the burn the whole way through the repetition. You can also perform quicker reps at the end of a set to condition the muscles and lose calories faster.
Perform workouts for 5-15 minutes a day while taking regular breaks. Everyone has a different jaw strength, so perform as many reps as you feel comfortable and then take short breaks once your facial muscles feel sufficiently fatigued. Take rest days off every 2-3 days to let the muscles heal and become stronger. If the resistance becomes too easy, slow down the repetitions, and really feel the facial muscles working. If you feel any jaw pain or discomfort when using the Jaw Toner, you may have overused the device, immediately stop and rest and do not use the Jaw Toner until the problem resolves. It does not require much to achieve sufficient facial muscle activation for growth with the Jaw Toner.
Once the reps become too easy and you can no longer feel the burn, you are ready to move up to next level of resistance.

How To Use The Jaw Toner Molar

Take a photo of your face from the front and side before using the Jaw Toner to track your progress. Send us your results, we'd love to hear your story!

Get your Jaw Toner Molar ready by rinsing both components with warm water and situating them on your molar teeth—right on the one side, left on the other. It is very important to make sure you are biting on the top of the Jaw Toner Molar without the holes. If you bite on the side with the holes there is a high chance it will wear faster and potentially break. Ensure they snugly fit onto the last 2-3 teeth for maximum workout efficiency.

Molar Training

Bite down with your molars on to the device slowly, feeling the burn at the back of your jaw and throughout your face during the movement. Perform reps until the jaw muscles feel fatigued, this usually takes 3-5 minutes. After your jaw muscles are burning, take a few minutes of rest and proceed with the next set. Use the Jaw Toner Molar 15 minutes a day with some rest days in between to allow the muscles to grow. Avoid overusing the product for a safer experience. Have fun with your facial transformation!

Additional Life Changing Tips: When not using the Jaw Toner, here are some beneficial tips on how to help promote good jaw/teeth health, help your facial features develop more, and better retain the muscle gained from using the Jaw Toner.
Tip 1: Practice Proper Tongue Posture
Relax your tongue and make sure it is sitting comfortably in your mouth. With your lips closed, place the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth and against the roof of your mouth. Gently press your tongue upwards and backwards towards the soft palate (the soft tissue at the back of the roof of your mouth). Keep your tongue in this position throughout the day, including when you swallow.
Tip 2: Do Not Breathe Through Your Mouth
Mouth breathing can lead to a variety of negative health outcomes. When you breathe through your mouth, you bypass the natural filtration and humidification system of your nose, which can make you more prone to allergies, infections, and dry mouth. Mouth breathing can also contribute to a lack of oxygen and poor sleep quality, which can negatively impact your overall health and well-being.
Disclaimer: Our company does not make any claims regarding guaranteed results or miraculous outcomes. The effectiveness of the product is solely dependent on the manner in which the customer utilizes it, and individual results may vary. It is crucial to use the Jaw Toner responsibly and within the recommended guidelines to avoid the development of any jaw-related problems. In most cases, only when the device is used incorrectly is when jaw-related problems form.
In order to obtain the most accurate and comprehensive response, please consult with your health or dental professional before using this product if you have any uncertainties or doubts.
None of the Jaw Toner Products are designed for medical purposes, have not undergone medical testing and are not subjected to government regulations and approvals.

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